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Since 2013, Involved Ltd. is a technological company with main focus on R&D and innovations in materials, processing technologies and device design for applications in energy storage and applied optics.

AAP symposium
08/23/2017 The next AAP2018 symposium will be held at Selwyn College, Cambridge, UK, on September 2-5, 2018, chaired by Prof. Martyn E. Pemble
(Tyndall National Institute and UCC, Cork Ireland)...find out more here
R&D in Energy Storage
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The company is developing materials and technological know-how in the field of Energy Storage. Its research and development activities are in design of novel functional, nanostructured, composite and hybrid materials and their processing technologies for forthcoming generation of Lithium Batteries.
R&D in Applied Optics
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We are involved in the research and development of materials and devices for new light sources based on nonlinear optical effects. We are introducing new concepts to the material design in this field in order to achieve high intensity ultrabroad light generation from visible to mid infrared.