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Since 2013, Involved Ltd. has been developing innovations in design, processing technologies and novel use of micro- and nano-structured functional materials
towards applications in optical coatings, components for opto-electronics, and energy harvesting and energy storage devices. The company provides technical advisory and consultancy in materials innovation projects.

The company has developed a new optical coating technology to manufacture
Superb Quality Large-area Opaline (SQLO) films on two- and three-dimensional
objects. The coatings produce extraordinary opal-like structural colour effects - through newly designed nanomaterials - to be utilized in decoration & art, lighting, photo-voltaics or security labelling sectors.

The Advanced Architectures in Photonics (AAP) symposium series focuses on science and technology of functional micro- and nano-structured materials
for a use in optics, opto-electronics and photonics.